Our Team Building programmes cover a wide range of crucial elements such as employee motivation, improving professional relations, trust-building among employees, understanding and co-operation; thereby ensuring better productivity and quality of work being done.
• Participants will understand more about their own personality and
learn to develop a sense of personal confidence to work with others
(“When I can like myself, I will also like my team mates”).
• Participants will learn to focus on the strength of each team member.
(How you see your surroundings will determine whether you regard
your team positively or negatively).
• Participants learn how to remain positive throughout the workday as
part of a team (How to avoid letting personal unhappiness affect the
performance of the team).
• Participants will learn the importance of expressiveness in the
survival of a team’s trust.
• Assertiveness: if team members keep their true feelings
repressed, the mechanisms within the team will eventually blow
up. Participants learn the keys to effective gentle assertiveness.
• Sensitivity: if we go about our day without noticing that our team
members are hurt / unhappy, the team will grind to a halt.
Participants learn how to identify with their own feelings and how
these feelings affect their team mates.
• Participants will learn to let go of identity and relate to one another
truly as a human being without inhibition and relate to one another in a
high-touch emotional level instead of the traditional intellectual level.
• Participants will comprehend that intellectual understanding of team
and leadership concept is of little practical value without emotional
• Participants appreciate the importance of systems in accomplishing
team tasks effectively and efficiently.
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
-Henry Ford


✔ Hands-on and interactive approach with participants.

✔ Encourages active participation from participants, hence allowing them to explore and exude their own skills and qualities.

(ie. managerial, leadership etc.)

✔ Engaging activities and motivating training exercises.

✔ Goal oriented yet also emphasises on character building and effort appreciation.