“ When the rate of change outside is faster than the rate of change inside the organization, the end is near. ”
--Jack Welch, a former CEO of General Electric (GE).

Everyone has different takes on the word "change". Some may take “change” as an environmental one, while others may see change in a more strategic form.Change can mean anything. It may be in the form of a business change, an organization culture change or even a mindset change. But have you ever wonder, what is the root in change? It's people! Yes, no matter what that change is, it simply cannot happen without people. Hence, raising the knowledge and sharpening the engaged workforce skills are crucial in order for the organization to adapt to the ever changing business environment. Change is a challenge and an opportunity; not a threat. No change is constant or straight. Revolution is inevitable as an organization grows. Standing still and resisting to invest in developing the engaged workforce will eventually lead the organizations to a state of stagnation. As team roles evolve every now and then, so must the skills and knowledge.

We, at ORANGE REVOLUTION SDN BHD strongly believe that employees are the greatest asset and powerful brand carriers that bear huge weight in organisations. They impact an organisation’s brand, image and levels of service and ultimately, your customers’ satisfaction. Be it sales, customer service or technical fields etc.; these all directly relates to customer interface. A well trained and engaged workforce should be able to carry on tasks effectively and garner increase in productivity and profitability to ensure the growth and success of the organisation.
This brings ORANGE REVOLUTION SDN BHD into the picture in regards to assisting the organisation to develop their human capital resources by providing training solutions mainly in three big areas: Leadership, Teambuilding and Talent Development Programs.

In ORANGE REVOLUTION SDN BHD, we have a pool of qualified trainers with years of industrial experiences. They are known professionals in the areas of their own expertise and will assist employees to improve themselves continuously. Training programmes with the same modules may not necessarily suit every organization needs. Thus, we tailor made the modules based on your organization's needs to improve your emplyoees' engagement as well as to bring your human capital development to the next level. The programmes will be conducted in an interactive style which includes a combination of lectures, group discussions, case studies, exercises, assessments, presentations and videos. Participants are expected to apply their analytical thinking and actively contribute to the discussions.