12 January 2016
12 January 2016
Business Management
bulletManaging Business Risk - Enhancing The Value Of A Company With A Risk Management Plan
bulletContracts Management - A Business Perspective
bulletCredit Control & Debt Collection Strategies
bulletEffective Strategic Planning Through Creative Thinking
bulletFacilitation Skills to Improve Meetings and Business Discussions
bulletUnderstanding Goods And Service Tax (GST) In Malaysia
bulletUnderstanding of Enterprise Risk Management
Coaching & Mentoring
bulletTraining, Coaching & Development of Change Agents
Leadership Skill
bulletCreative Problem Solving
bulletProblem Solving and Decision Making
bulletMind Mapping, Problem Solving and Decision Making
bulletThinking and Decision Making Skills
bulletTeam Motivation & Team Achievement
Supervisory Skill
bulletSupervisory Skill Development Program
bulletSupervisory Skills program
Management Skills
bulletHow to Manage and Lead Subordinates to Higher Productivity
Personal Development
bulletEffective Public Speaking & Presentation Skills*
bulletCreativity & Problem Solving
bulletPersonal Growth Practice *
bulletDynamic Personal Development For Work Excellence*
bulletStrategic Negotiation Skills
bulletEffective Planning Skills For Officers
bulletExecutive Leadership Skills
bulletTrain The Trainer In Today's Economy
bulletDeveloping Good Attitude At Work*
bullet"Act Fast" Strategies In Challenging Times
bulletDeveloping Effective Personal Assistants & Secretaries In Today's Market Place*
bulletEffective Self Management
bulletReframe for Success
bulletDynamic Personal Development
bulletTime and Stress Management
bulletMotivation and Time Management
bulletEQ and Mind mapping