12 January 2016
12 January 2016
bulletAccounting Principles & Practices
bulletAccounting Skills For Accounts Clerks & Assistants
bulletAccounting Skills for Non Accounting Staff's
bulletArt Of Preparing And Presenting An Effective Business Plan
bulletAsset & Inventory Management
bulletCost Control And Financial Planning
bulletCredit Control & Debt Collection Strategies
bulletCredit Management And Control Systems
bulletCredit Management And Debt Recovery
bulletEffective budgeting and cash flow planning
bulletFinance for Non-Finance Personnel
bulletFinancial Management And Taxation Made Easy
bulletFinancial Reporting Standards 139 (FRS)
bulletHandling Difficult Accounting Issues
bulletHow To Prepare And Maintain Full Set Of Accounts
bulletHow To Process Business Information Using UBS Computerized Accounting
bulletHow to Read Financial Statement For Non-Finance Manager
bulletImproving Payroll Administration Techniques
bulletInterpretation and Analysis of Financial Stateent For Non-Finance Manager
bulletMalaysian Taxation Issues Made Easy And Tax Incentive For Malaysia Companies
bulletPractical Credit Management And Debt Recovery
bulletProper Procedures & Documentation in Letter of Credit
bulletSharpening Your Accounting Skills
bulletSharpening Your Financial Accounting & Reporting Skills
bulletUBS Accounting System
bulletUBS Book Keeping