12 January 2016
Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Endorsed Programmes
12 January 2016
blankbullet21 Golden Rules To Open And Close Sales Successfullty
 bulletBeyond Sales Management
 bulletConsultative Selling Skills
 bulletCustomer Focused professional Selling
 bulletDelivering Effective Sales Presentations
 bulletDon't Rush The Call! Sales Skills - Are You Up To It?
 bulletDouble Your Sales Using psychological Selling Techniques
 bulletEffectives Marketing Strategies And Personal Selling Skills
 bulletEffective People Skills For Sales Personnel - The Art Of Understanding Others
 bulletEffective Sales Skill For Sales Personal
 bulletEffective Selling And Managing Sales For Maximums Results
 bulletEnhancement Of Excellence Sales Management Skills
 bulletEnhancing Sales Competency
 bulletFire Up Your Sales & Marketing With NLP
 bulletForming The Process Of Sales & Marketing Through NLP
 bulletHigh Impact Selling
 bullethigh Level Selling Skills That Deliver Results
 bulletHow To Flow With Clients And Increace Your Sales Effectiveness
 bulletHow To Sell Successfully To Corporate Customers
 bulletIncrease Your Sales In Tough Times
 bulletIt's A Deal! - Effective Negotiation And Influencing Skills For Marketing, Sales, Business And Personal Success
 bulletKey Account Management
 bulletLeading An Excellent & Productive Sales Team With NLP Methodology
 bulletMarket Intelligence - A Strategic Approach For Competitive Advantage
 bulletMastering The Art Of Presentation Through NLP, EQ And Personality
 bulletNLP Strategies - Amplify Sales Team Performance In Trade Shows And Exhibition Sales Booth
 bulletPower Sales Breakthrough
 bulletPowerful Sales Strategies Revealed
 bulletPrinciples Of Marketing And Marketing Strategies
 bulletReinventing Marketing And Sales Competitiveness In Challenging Times
 bulletReinventing Marketing Strategies To Success
 bulletReinventing Selling And Debt Collection Skills In Bad Times
 bulletSales Closing Skills
 bulletSales In Medical Arena - The Challenges
 bulletSales Management : Catalyst To Winning!
 bulletSales Negotiation Skills
 bulletSales Negotiotion Skills Mastery Program
 bulletSalesPeak! Understand Customer Personality and NLP Sales Tactics
 bulletSkyrocketing Your Income Through Personality Selling
 bulletStrategic Selling Skills
 bulletSuccessfull Managing Sales For Results With NLP Coaching Strategies
 bulletThe NLP Psychological Selling Skills
 bulletThe Power Of Leadership For Instant Results, instant Profit, Instant Team Spirit Using NLP Methodology
 bulletThe Right Fuel For Your Business - Marketing Tools And Applications
 bulletThe Secret Of Sales / Profit breakthrough Using NLP Methodology
 bulletThe Trusted Advisor - Strategic key Accoutn Management In Action
 bulletToday's Tough Environment In Sales & Marketing - The Personal Touch
 bulletWinning Sales Planning Planning In Challenging Times
 bulletBuilding Powerful Powerpoint Presentation
 bulletAdobe Photoshop and Illustrator For Effeftive Day-To-Day Sales And Marketing
 bulletSocial Media Marketing
 bulletMicrosoft Excel In Pricing Computation And Sales Database Management